Yin and Yang

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Artist Ginger Fox encourages the viewers of her artwork to look for ways of creating harmony while combining the man made objections into our natural environment.

Archival pigment print on museum quality canvas or paper

Ginger Fox

West Texas native Ginger Fox is primarily a self-taught artist. Fox’s journey into the arts began as a child when her neighbor dropped sculpting clay in front of her and asked if she wanted to play in the mud, and it continued with an endless array of projects and mediums.

Fox’s humble beginnings mark a life destined for the creative world, and continued into her professional life as a decorative artist. She honed her skills painting murals, trompe l’oeil, grisaille, and replicating the masters. Fox’s extensive national and international travels added life experience and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world she discovered. Her love of life and its beauty drives her enthusiasm for increasing environmental awareness and our impact on nature.

Fox paints magical realism to create a world on canvas where she combines the magnificence of our natural world with elements of the manmade. Fox's magical realism work blurs the line between real and imagined in order to consider how we might coexist in greater harmony within the natural world. In stark contrast, Fox has also been painting abstract expressionism for over 15 years. She loves the freedom she feels during the creation process. “You don’t know where you are going so you have the connection between you as the artist and canvas in order to capture the moment.”

Fox transitioned into her fine art path full-time in 2006 with her first solo show at WallyWorkman Fine Art in Austin. Since then her work has been shown in established fine art galleries that include Perry Nicole Fine Art in Memphis, Portals Limited in Chicago, Seven-0-Seven in Santa Fe as well as the iconic Miller Gallery in Cincinnati which has been representing fine artists for over 50 years. Ginger added to her accomplishments by being awarded with the New York ArtExpo Solo Artist of the Year in 2010 and in 2016 as a Hunting Art Prize Finalist.