Ginger Fox

Be Fearless by Ginger Fox, 48 x 60 in

48 by 60 inches

acrylic on canvas

by Dallas artist Ginger Fox



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Artist Ginger Fox encourages the viewers of her artwork to look for ways of creating harmony while combining the man made objections into our natural environment.

Archival pigment print on museum quality canvas or paper


"Be Fearless" is an allegory about finding your voice and pursuing your dreams.

The background is a "painting within a painting" a technique used by the Dutch Masters usually to give the viewer hidden messages. In this case I'm telling the viewer that my professional career began as a decorative artist where I painted trompe l' oiel and murals working with designers on interiors spaces.

The bird flying in front of the child is a canary and a symbol or totem for finding your voice. The canary holds a flowering vine which is a piece of the string to the violin.

My use of flowers as the strings of the violin, and the flowers popping up from the floor represent creativity and ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.

The lion and the butterfly represent facing our fears. The butterfly sees his reflection in the eyes of the lion and in doing so realizes he only has himself to fear. In fact, our fears are much larger than reality so we should not be held back by what we perceive as uncomfortable or frightening.

People always ask about the fruit and why I placed it in the painting. Again I am chronicling my art career and my first exhibition in 2001 featured "levitating things". Books, violins, candles and fruit were all floating on dark backgrounds and casting shadows.